2004 – 7’18″ E
Zürich Tourism, Greater Zurich Area
arthesia, frame-eleven – Marc Haas

Work: Konzept-Drehbuch-Regie

DoP: Luca Bricciotti
TimeLaps: Jürg Egli
Editing/Compositing: Mike Frei
Music: Michael Ricar

Award: Beste Visuelle Effekte, Edi.2004
(Der Schweizer Auftrags- und Werbefilmpreis)

As a lifestyle capital on the water, Zürich offers the unique mix of discovery, pleasure, nature and culture. The finest culinary highlights, unlimited shopping pleasure, over 50 museums and more than 100 galleries, Switzerland’s liveliest nightlife, numerous events and countless green oases in the center of the city tempt guests to linger and enjoy.

The Greater Zurich Area AG is in charge of promoting and marketing the Greater Zurich Area business region abroad. The Greater Zurich Area is one of Europe’s economically strongest regions and comprises the area that can be reached roughly within a 60-minute drive from Zürich international airport.