Making friends since 1870

1996 – 17’37″ E
Abrakadabra Film – Claudia Wick

Work: Regie-Schnitt

Script: Claudia Wick
DoP: Lukas Strebel
Graphics: Marc Droz
Music: Michael Ricar

The Amstel Brouwerij, producing the beer of the same name, was founded in Amsterdam in 1870. It was one of a handful of breweries producing the increasingly popular Bavarian-style ‘lager’ beer. In 1968 HEINEKEN acquired Amstel.
The first Amstel brand extension arrived in the 1980s when Amstel Light was developed for the US market. Following this success, today the Amstel portfolio range has grown to include Amstel Lager (Africa), Premium Pilsener and Amstel Bright.
The distinctive, golden, Amstel® beer with its mildly bitter taste and excellent quality has become widely known around the world. Alongside its continued popularity in its native Netherlands, it is currently available in numerous countries worldwide.